'When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,' said Piglet at last, 'what's the first thing you say to yourself?'


'What's for breakfast?' said Pooh. 'What do you say, Piglet?'


'I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?' said Piglet.


Pooh nodded thoughtfully. 'It's the same thing,' he said.

A. A. Milne,  'The House at Pooh Corner'

Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewing dark roast Columbian coffee and a selection of about a dozen teas.  Breakfast sittings are 8:00, 8:30, 9:00 a.m.; we accommodate earlier service for those guests who need it.

Don't you like to have the opportunity to choose your individual breakfast based on your preferences?


Each menu item begins with Bob's famous seasonal fruit plate  (some guests have counted up to 18 varieties!) and your choice of juice. In addition, guests select their breakfast from menu choices ranging from sweet to savoury, light to hearty.


Captain's Sausage & Cheese Casserole: - an individual baked dish, puffed and golden served with wholegrain toasted breads


Beacon Shore Pancakes: - Jacquie's personal recipe for buttermilk pancakes bulging with plump blueberries, accompanied by bacon and Canadian maple syrup


Oven-baked French Toast: - substantial slices of french toast baked with raisins and pecans, accompanied by bacon and real maple syrup


Georgian Bay Eggs Benedict: - our own version of poached egg on English muffin with bacon, served with a generous pour of zippy cheese sauce


Sailor's Omelet: - mushroom, mild onion and cheese snuggled in a 2-egg omelet, with bacon alongside and wholegrain toasted breads


Traditional Selections: - fresh hot home-made muffins along with interesting cereal selections and wholegrain toasted breads


Do let us know if you have any special dietary considerations;

we will do our best to accommodate. …